Baby Grizzley,Tee Grizzley

Twin Grizzlies – Baby Grizzley Feat. Tee Grizzley

Quotable Lyrics: Twin Grizzlies – Baby Grizzley Feat. Tee Grizzley

Y’all can lie to Instagram, y’all can’t lie to me (Who?)
Shootas got they passports, we thuggin’ overseas (Boom)
We a’burn something, I ain’t talkin’ STDs (What?)
Called the plug like I’m locked out the house, it’s some keys
(B-B-Bankroll Got It)

Told bro to take that sh*t to trial, don’t take a plea (Ayy)
The lawyers say it’s lookin’ good but ain’t no guarantees (Ayy)
I still can’t believe that I used to run with thieves (What?)
I’m just lookin’ at my watch I woulda killed for one of these (Boom)
This a Maybach truck, not no G-Wagen, lil’ b*tch please (Skrrt)
Shoutout G-O-D, I get them blеssings like I sneeze (Skrrt)