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About:  WavWax is a media company with a vision: offering a high quality platform for DJs, artists and fans where entertainment is at the absolute core.
On, people will be able to checkout the latest remixes, live performances, videos and other exclusive material, directly from the artists to the audiences!
WawWax is a growing platform that was made by artists, for artists and fans: our selection of genres is ever-expanding,
and we truly understand the key importance of actually going out there and promote the music and the platform itself!
Our dream? More quality music in the hands of the fans, and more visibility for artists and performers
who truly deserve to be noticed for the passion, creativity and hard work they put into their art!
WavWax is located in New York NY, and serves talented artists on a global scale.
Find out more about us and feel free to 
CONTACT us for further information.