2 Certified - Hit-Boy feat. Avelino

2 CertifiedHit-Boy feat. Avelino

Quotable Lyrics:
I told Hit-Boy he needs to rap more
I built myself up, brick by brick, but I don’t trap no more
Yeah, I ain’t full of myself, I’m impactful

I’m in a two-door Beamer, I’m toppin’ fuel, what do you think that I’m gassed for?
Drop the top ’cause they wanna see me rise and fall
I can see through the eye of a needle

What do you mean keep your eye on the ball? I’m different
She wanted a Birkin, I gave her the Chloe, I’m Tristan
Promiscuous but you can’t cheat the game
I wanna be free but I need them chains

I’ma need all the amenities (All the amenities)
You made a lil’ pape, I went at their neck and made history (Yeah)
Dumbin’ out on my own beats (Yes)
Hot like I threw ’em in grease

The one, not the two or the three (For real)
I’m watchin’ the numbers increase (For real)
We gotta pray for the hood
Pimpin’ charges, bro got stories, damn, I hate he got booked

I never looked down on my brothers, I only gave ’em looks
Twenty-one gang, we truly in line
Shawty be on me, she love when I slide

Doin’ too much, that can ruin the vibe
I’m playin’ the cut, we too certified (Yeah)