Pain Show - NoCap

Pain Show – NoCap

Quotable Lyrics: Pain Show – NoCap

I feel sorry for your soul if you reach for my necklace, yeah
Ridin’ round with that chainsaw while I’m in Texas, yeah
Big on loyalty, got ni**as I won’t play ’bout
Tied into the game, it ain’t no way out

If I go back broke, then I’ma run it up again
Murder that she wrote and then I went and took the pen
We gon’ knock ya ni**a down if we never see ya
Thought I made it out the streets, I fell a lil’ deeper
F*cked the same b*tches as Meek, watch a ni**a count a mil’ up
They hate I’m still here, I watched them ni**as go buy earplugs
But it’s still love