Vampire - 2 Chainz

Vampire – 2 Chainz

Quotable Lyrics: Vampire – 2 Chainz

But do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth
And nothing but the truth?
So help me God

Ooh, ooh, this is, this is
Really you f*ckin’ with it? (Hell yeah)
Alright, yeah (Ooh, ooh)
Slick you f*ckin’ with it? (I’m in my bag)
Alright, I see you know

Blicky on the seat, my dawg, rest in peace (My dawg, rest in peace)
It’s hard for me to sleep, like I don’t ever sleep (Like I don’t ever sleep)
Jealousy gon’ ’cause a death or felony (Death or felony)
The babies out here bangin’ B’s or they throwin’ C’s
Police can’t even get thе stains up out the street (Streets)
Smilin’ on the outside, but insidе bleedin’ (Uh)
Hemorrhagin’, they just tryna drain my energy
Vampire, up all night like fangs on my teeth (Toni) / New Music Release

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