So and So - Saba

So and So – Saba

Quotable Lyrics: So and So – Saba

Propose a toast, you know
Made the most with all your highs and lows
Stick to the code, you know, the same as before
Gang La Costra Nostra
I don’t know so and so, who may assume
Staying at home, I’m lowkey
We can all rise or fall, this ain’t before
The fame is taking over

I don’t know so and so, I don’t assume you do
Hop out a Volvo, that b*tch go vroom vroom
I’m with my dogs, dogs, they’ll go woof, woof
You ni**as all bark, bark, but they all poodles
Anything for dough, your bro sold his soul
Back up in effect, she told me that I am up next
Might get me tatted on her neck, it ain’t no cattle for the set
You wanna battle, then how much you wanna bet?