Free Me - 42 Dugg

Free Me – 42 Dugg

Quotable Lyrics: Free Me – 42 Dugg

Antt did the track
Free dem boys, free dem boys
Let me show you how life works, guns with the sh*t (Beat Gang)

My youngin’ caught a L, ‘course I’m makin’ that knife work
‘Cause ain’t no guns in that bitch
I seen a ni**a get a L before he got his life
I know a ni**a got a deal but then he got indicted
Ain’t no point in even fightin’, “Yeah, I did that judge”
After what happened to Doggy, b*tch, I been back thuggin’
I can’t really talk on phones, just send five of ‘em for me
And I ain’t puttin’ paper on sh*t, I go handle ’em for me