Prey 4 Da Sheep - Goodie Mob Feat. Big Boi

Prey 4 Da Sheep – Goodie Mob Feat. Big Boi

@BigBoi @goodiemob

Quotable Lyrics: Prey 4 Da Sheep – Goodie Mob Feat. Big Boi

You write, really? Scribble, scribble, dilly dabble, brother
Clear with the math numbers, gassed off him
No mercy, didn’t grow up in the projects though
Do you like a cholo, Southern boy up in the polo
Lenny’s done turned to green rock, fire in the sky

Wish my folks wouldn’t kill
Wish my partner wouldn’t deal
Police got eyes in here
Looking for my people, [?] had full fever
Bill Gates wouldn’t tag a mutant like a dog
Slaughterhouse full of hogs
Politics got me dancing like a stripper
You lil’ foul mouth b*tch playing traffic / New Music Release

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