On My Shit - Phony Ppl Feat. Joey Bada$$

On My Shit – Phony Ppl Feat. Joey Bada$$

Quotable Lyrics: On My Shit – Phony Ppl Feat. Joey Bada$$

Your friend, she lookin’ nice
I know that’s your friend but she lookin’ right
So, what’s good with your friend? You and her tonight
I’m on my shit tonight
I’m feelin’, fill a glass
Mi nuh let no spliff pass
I’m ’bout to holla at her, quick, fast
Time flies, did that, these facts
A couple minutes of the chit-chat
You tryna parlay, yo, get back, uh
I told her straight, “I’m tryna hit that”

‘Cause she was on my d*ck that night
I might just play some cash, go f*ck up the game
Before the pillow touch my head
And maybe throw some change
Enough to fill a duffel bag
‘Cause I don’t give no sh*ts, alright

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