Period - Smoove'L

Period – Smoove’L

Period – Smoove’L

Pull up to my function (Ha, ha)
Pop-out on ’em (Period, period)
I ain’t gon lie, I got ’em curious, curious (I got ’em curious)
Grrr, I’m sh*ttin’ on ’em, yeah
Tell her pull up to the party (Brrr)

She got a body like a diva (She got a body like a diva)
And she single so I need her (And she single so I need her)
She hella pretty, I Céline her (Pretty, I Céline her)
I make her roll me up a beater (Roll me up a beater)
And I caught a vibe with the Nina (I caught a vibe)
I’m tryna slide with the Nina (I’m tryna slide, I’m tryna slide) / New Music Release

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