Iced Out Necklace - Wiz Khalifa

Iced Out NecklaceWiz Khalifa

Quotable Lyrics:
Iced out necklace (Necklace)
My girl got a girlfriend, don’t f**k with ni**as, she sexist (Sexist)
I bet she give me dome before we even get to the exit (Exit)
Get money, then we exit (Exit)
Ain’t ’bout money, then exit (Exit)
Countin’ backwards, I’m dyslexic (Dyslexic)
Got bad b*tches addressin’ (Addressin’)
I got bottles in my section (Section)
I got more that’s comin’, bring another onе, I keep ’em guessin’ (Guessin’)
Your homiеs ain’t your homies anymore, they just some yes men (Yes men)
Foot on the gas, I press it (Press it)
I’m blowing gas, it’s pressure (Pressure)
She holdin’ back confessions (Confessions)