Ice Cream - Freddie Gibbs Feat. Rick Rock

Ice CreamFreddie Gibbs Feat. Rick Rock

Quotable Lyrics:
Dope boat go skrrt-skrrt, yeah, yeah (B*tch)
Thirty-four for that work-work, yeah, yeah (All white bricks)
Dope fiend got a pipe dream, yeah
Serve my neighbors thirty-four flavors, I got ice cream, yeah (All white bricks)

Ni**a took it from the box Chevy to the Bentley coupe (Skrrt)
All night servin’ hard white, ni**a, P Miller in a Dickies suit (Yeah)
Boss sh*t, f**kin’ your b*tch, I just put a baby in a ni**a boo (Muah)
Hunnid b*tches in the penthouse, I be too live, let the ni**a Luke (Yeah)
I should f**k around, start a peep show (Yeah)
Like to suck and f**k, and she a freak ho (Yeah)

Yeah, I rap ni**a, gotta eat though (Yeah)
Got bricks, ni**a, Shaq free throw (Yeah)
I been on a package for a week, though (Yeah)
Plug hit a ni**a with the lingo (Yeah)
Better have my money by domingo (B*tch, yeah, all white bricks)
Got bricks, ni**a, Shaq free throw
Yeah, b*tch, all white bricks

Ho got caught with a four way, told on the whole damn gang
I don’t like that b*tch (Skrrt!)
I was pushin’ on the interstate
Trunk full of weight when my dawg woke up
Told him I just did a whole thing of the Fetty Wap, no dog, all cut