Have You Ever - Quando Rondo

Have You Ever – Quando Rondo

Quotable Lyrics: Have You Ever – Quando Rondo

It’s like I’m running out of love, I’m damn near out of breath
I’m done with trust, just pack your stuff, no I’m not tryna fuss
When times was rough, I’ve been right there, no you can’t say I wasn’t
I really miss when grandma Terry used to call me Quan

Ayy, see times are changin’, all my purp’s steady addin’ up
Two lines of drank, might overdose ’cause I done had enough
Sittin’ back and watch my daughter play like, “Damn, she bad as f*ck”
Shit gettin’ crazy, how you my homie, only must support me
They was buyin’ dreams to make a way out, I guess I couldn’t afford it
That shit a shame, 2019, I had ’bout three abortions
I stop and hit my knees and pray ‘causе I can’t take no more of it
My partners doin’ day-for-day just tryna makе the storm live