Rich N***a View - NBA Youngboy

Rich N***a View – NBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics: Rich N***a View – NBA Youngboy

I’m that lil’ ni**a, not spendin’ them M’s
I’m holdin’ that shit like it’s good, mmm
I ain’t hidin’ my hand, they know what it is
Leave the hood as soon as blood spill, boom

Bring them sticks out, hood go crazy
Show no love, straight homicide
.45 Glock ain’t got no safety
In the North, we at war with the other side

Fuck all you ni**as, I’m strapped with my burner
I’m tryna see what it is
Swerve in that Bentley, hop out on a corner
Make my way to LA on a Lear
I see that your vision ain’t looking too clear