Zipcodes - Joey Bada$$

ZipcodesJoey Bada$$

Quotable Lyrics:
Forty K for the Rollie with the leather band, no time to parley
Life is too short, we came a long way
From pissy hallways to court-side up in Barclays (Yeah)
Stuntin’ is a sport, the way I’m ballin’, we could all play (Ballin’)

My cup overflowin’, I’m feelin’ fine in this Chardonnay
I dropped seven bands in Rick Owens, it was a calm day
Prices lookin’ like a zip code, I switch zones when it get cold

So they gon’ have to throw they shade from far away
I brought it in, walkin’ with your broad down Broadway
Skip the foreplay and brought her back to where the Don lay

It’s Brooklyn, get your chain tooken lookin’ like entrées
Parted in my origin, get your troops, call ’em in
I gave ’em fair warnings

I’m up late nights and early mornings
I got a little buzz, I can’t afford to miss my callin’ now
Be the first to arrive and last to leave
Dropped out of school, still voted most likely to succeed (Ow)

Said I do this with the ease, I collect my fees and then I breeze
Neck on freeze like it’s below thirty-two degrees, check my steez
Hold up, ni**a, ni**a, ni**a (Please)