You're Mines Still - Yung Bleu feat. Drake

You’re Mines StillYung Bleu feat. Drake

Quotable Lyrics: You’re Mines Still – Yung Bleu feat. Drake

So you wanna be riding around with your new b*tch
That’s real cute
Don’t have me drag you and her out that motherf*ckin’ car
Key your sh*t

Aha! I wish I would see you in that Bentley
So I could flat all four of your motherf*ckin’ tires
And you know what? I just got tickets to the Lakers game anyway
Ni**a, you could never

If I ever made you angry, girl
Just know that it get better over time (time)
They say time heals (they say time heals)
She can’t see her life without me, she so blessed still (so blessed still)
F*ck that ni**a, you can tell him that you’re mine still (that you’re mine still)
And she don’t wanna go to sleep she angry
Latеly she been noticing he ain’t me

I wish that wе can change places
Don’t want no new, new faces
She got my heartbeat racing…