Yessir - R-Mean ft. Scott Storch, Quavo

YessirR-Mean ft. Scott Storch, Quavo

“Yessir” is a new song by artist R-Mean featuring Quavo and produced by Scott Storch and showcases the artists’ individual talents and collaborative chemistry. The song is part of R-Mean’s album “MEAN,” which also features Nas, YG, and other artists. The lyrics are aggressive, with R-Mean and Quavo delivering sick and confident verses over a banging beat produced by Scott Storch.

The song is a summer banger that showcases R-Mean’s confident and energetic style, as well as Quavo’s signature ad-libs.The song’s catchy hook and dynamic instrumentation make it a standout in R-Mean’s growing discography, and the track’s overall vibe is one of celebration and self-assurance.