Years To Go - G-Eazy Feat. Goody Grace

Years To Go – G-Eazy Feat. Goody Grace

Quotable Lyrics: Years To Go – G-Eazy Feat. Goody Grace

It feels like I spent a lifetime here alone
Since we ended our times been moving slow
I heard ‘em say it takes twice as long
To forget someone, as it does to get to know
Now I’m three days in, got three more years to go (Yeah)

Remember when the first night we kicked it we talked all night
Smoking weed in my room talking about life
What’s crazy I ain’t even smash the first night
I kinda feel like I met you inside a past life
Remember, got arrested in Texas together
On a roadtrip to Cali, they found the weed in my sweater
You never told me shit or to quit her, go and do better
But I promise this time I’m gettin’ my shit together