Ye Not Crazy - Joyner Lucas

Ye Not CrazyJoyner Lucas

Quotable Lyrics:
I don’t care about poppin’ now, let the whole world know I’m next
I ain’t quit ’til I touch the sky or a ni**a livin’ on the ISS

Hold up (Hold up, hold up), Ye’s not crazy (Ye’s not crazy)
Even if they to try cancel me, that ain’t gon’ phase me (Ain’t gon’ phase me)
Yeah, I sin, God forgave me (God forgave me)
How the f**k I’m gon’ change the world if they gon’ change me?
Ye’s not crazy (Ye’s not crazy), well, maybe I am (Well, maybe I am)
Never thought I’d be a billionaire, now I’m like, maybe I can (Maybe I can)
Jesus walks (Jesus walks), ni**a, I ran (Ni**a, I ran)
Sorry I pissed you off, I do it again