YAH Know - Chance the Rapper ft. King Promise

YAH KnowChance the Rapper ft. King Promise

Quotable Lyrics:
Gun to your back likе Harriet
If you can’t shoot, can’t carry it
If you’re too fake, can’t fеrry it
Come carry me home sweet chariot
Everybody wanna come drive the boat

But nobody wanna come paddleboat
If we realize we was all compatible
We could combine the money
Maybe come buy the boat

Sometimes, I’m my boss, sometimes [?] ([?])
Free the man [?], in your heart, we trust
Hold my hand if you scared, hold my hand if you cry
Hold my hand and I’ll drive, close your eyes and I’ll steer

I’m not woke, I’m just tired
I’m not floatin’, I’m flyin’, I’m not broken, I’m fine
I’m not smokin’, I stay on quote when I’m out in the open online
They gon’ know what we know in no time

They gon’ go in the show with no lines
With a pick for, told him to close the whole line
Better hold on tight, no time to slow down
Don’t ask, “Are we there?” Get slapped the whole time