Wrong Move - NGeeYL Feat. Trippie Redd

Wrong MoveNGeeYL Feat. Trippie Redd

Quotable Lyrics:
Wrong move, that’ll get you spilled (I’m shy, oh my God)
Wrong move, that’ll get you killed (Get ’em killed)
Quick draw, b*tch, I’m comin’ off of the hip
Hellcat, wide body, pull up, let it rip

Hit up the store, we lit
I’m finna roll me a blunt,
I’m finna pour me a crush
I got the pole in the cut

Ni**a, I die by this sh*t
[?] by this sh*t
If I up the fire in this b*tch,
best believe someone gon’ die in this b*tch

Ni**a gon’ die in this b*tch (Die),
playin’ with YL, I’m slimy as it gets
Ni**a gon’ die in this b*tch (Die)
They got sticks [?] at night, it go, “Slide,” b*tch
Hop out on ’em broad day, all in traffic

Plate, you get smashed b*tch
Sippin’ doublе cup full of lean
I just stuffed a fifty in my jeans
Clip long likе a limousine
Put it on her face, [?] look like Maybelline
I’ma check the seam

Pop out with the Drac’ and check the scene
Glocky got a beam, sticks in the Maybach
I’ma clear the scene, back-to-back
Hellcats tearin’ up the streets
Poppin’ out like grease

Yeah, I’m poppin’ all they seats
Big bro still knockin’ down them trees
Big racks, I’m coutin’ all this cheese
You ain’t really from the mud for real,
you ain’t never ever had to bleed
Here I go rockin’ Fear of God but

I don’t fear nobody but me
Here I go rockin’ Rick Owens with
the Plain Jane Rolie (Yeah)
Baby, I’m from another planet
like a damn space odyssey

Diamonds water like the sea
Stand on business with the B’s (B)
Too dope for the fiends
Ni**as be too broke to me (Ha),
ni**as act too close to me (Me)
Don’t give two f**ks,

pourin’ up two cups of the gotdamn lean
What the f**k you wan’ do?
What the f**k you gon’ do? Yeah
Bro’nem got the block,
don’t make the wrong move