Wrong Decisions - NAV

Wrong DecisionsNAV

Quotable Lyrics:
Had to get it all by myself,
I ain’t have a choice (No choice)
When you got nobody around,
it’s hard to enjoy (Mm-hmm)
In public, wearin’ my chain,
I make sure I show it (Show it)

Always feel like something’s missin’,
I’m just tryna fill my void (Somethin’ missin’)
My heart been filled with pain,
I just cover it up in Dior (Dior)
Sittin’ courtside at the game,
thinkin’ ’bout my problems on the floor (On the floor)

I don’t really enjoy this sh*t,
I got ’em always chasin’ more (Chasin’ more)
Tryna keep up with other people,
it’s startin’ to turn into a chore (I can’t keep up)

Told myself, “I’m doin’ damage” (Damage)
Nobody gon’ understand it,
tell the plug, “I need my fix”
I can’t really trust my b*tch,

I just pray that my brothers don’t switch (Don’t switch)
All the people I hеlp, a long list, makin’ hits,
I just know I won’t miss
Take my words and twist ’em on the blogs
At lеast I know that they stayin’ on my jock’

When I think about time, I start to plot
I can’t let no one come and take my spot
What you make in a day, I make in minutes

F**k the game, I’ma ball while I’m in it
Speedin’ drivin’ on the road to riches
I just hope I don’t make the wrong decisions