Worthy - Money Man

WorthyMoney Man

Quotable Lyrics:
I might make her a boss If I feel like she worthy
If my shooters push up they gon’ do that boy dirty
They gon’ empty the mac, they gon’ fire the whole thirty
When you bust down the Cartier, it cost a thirty

I don’t want no girl c*m, these h*es don’t deserve it
I don’t pick up the phone unless you makin’ a purchase
I got kids to feed, f**k buyin’ these b*tches a Birkin
Young ni**as hear my songs and they be learnin’

In the crib, countin’ racks, weighin’ up and I’m burnin’
Only time that I leave the house, if I am servin’
Hop out the Lakе, walk her down like a Hearsе

My Darkskin taste like a bow and some Hershey
Re’d up deep, now the plug actin’ scared to come serve me
Only f**k with the fam, but I never met Durkie
All that wolfin’ online gets you popped like a perky