Won't Step On Me - NBA Youngboy

Won’t Step On MeNBA Youngboy

Quotable Lyrics:
Leor, light it up
Mommy, India got the beats
Come on, ha
Now check this
We ain’t with none of that water

whip ass sh*t (None of that sh*t you ni**as on)
I’ma preach it to you like this, I’ma give it to you raw
You heard me? However I bring it, that’s how I’ma bring it,
just catch it, it’s some real gangster sh*t now

I quit that sad sh*t, I ain’t trippin’, they ain’t f**k with me then f**k ’em
You don’t want YoungBoy, baby? Come, I know you love me, yeah
Real poppin’ in my hood and that street sh*t I love, ni**a
See me [?] down and I’m good, I will shoot motherf**kin’ wood
I wish you motherf**kers do it, yeah

Choppa came, I would
Okay, come play broad day, I up that spray,
they gon’ tell you ’bout how I do it
Northside 38, I bang that 4KTrey,
it ain’t safe inside Baton Rogue
Nah, they ain’t wanna see me on
They ain’t wanna see me sell out my tour

They ain’t glad that I came home
They ain’t wanna look out for my children
Now the fact I’m back, I been gettin’ stats,
don’t f**k with ’em, tell ’em let’s do it
Turn boys to men, I’ma get it in

NBA Youngboy