Headshots - Tobe Nwigwe Feat. D Smoke

Wildlings – Tobe Nwigwe Feat. EarthGang & DUCKWRTH

Quotable Lyrics: Wildlings – Tobe Nwigwe Feat. EarthGang & DUCKWRTH

This song is for the wildlings without a crown (Get down)
‘Cause where we from, you cannot come up ’til you get down (Get you down)
You know when we see 12 we gon’ get downed, so don’t make a sound (Silence)
Now bring it back around (Get down)

Flow sick, hospital, every time I bust a riddle
You should feel like gettin’ down (Get down)
Move your feet just a little, get to actin’ like a pistol
Started bustin’ on the ground (Get down)
You know I’m straight up out the lief, better watch how you speak
Real G’s don’t chattеr (Shhh)

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