Why Would I Lack? - 22Gz Feat. SPMB Bills

Why Would I Lack?22Gz Feat. SPMB Bills

Quotable Lyrics:
If he ain’t dead, spin back (Spin, skrrt, skrrt)
I try to spin, ni**as better move tac’ (Bop, move tac’)
What’s that? (What’s that?)
Ni**as cappin’, like why would I lack? (Why would I lack?)

All of that dissin’ until they go missin’ (Until they go missin’)
They ain’t know nothin’, just cappin’ and snippin’ (Cappin’)
Everything dead if I back up the Smith & (Twirl, twirl, Smith &)
Oppers be rappin’ ’bout sh*t they sh*t ain’t livin’
(Bop, bop, bop, f**k that sh*t)

F**k all the talkin’, hop out and off ’em (Grrah-grrah)
I hang with bosses, posted on Nordstrom (Posted on Nordstrom)
They tried to bend, ended up in the [?] (Gang, [?])
Ten in the morning, we lurkin’ ’em, uh (‘Em, uh)
They get afraid when we steppin’ (Steppin’)

Don’t lose your life in a second (In a second)
Glock with a .30 like Stephen (Stephen Curry)
Lucky I ain’t use the FN (Use the FN)
Man down, he need a reverend (He need a reverend)
Straight up to heaven, we sent him (Straight up to heaven)

All I know, one-eighty seven (Gang, gang, burn him)
Then I go cash out on Lennox (Cash out on Lennox)
SP Bills, drillin’ on wheels (Drill)
He spot a man and he shell him (And he shell him)
Screamin’, “Free Ghost,” opps in the scope (Free Ghost)
Tape on his mouth, ain’t no yellin’ (Ain’t no yellin’)

What you gon’ do when those steppers hop out? (Grrah-grrah)
Broad day, walk up, no trace (Walk up, no trace)
I’m a lose screw, homie took a shot to the brain,
wasn’t lookin’ both ways (Wasn’t lookin’ both ways)

Ni**as be cappin’, YouTube killers (Twirl, YouTube killers)
Dump the clip in his whole face (In his whole face)
Try to run, ‘ooter gon’ chase him (‘Ooter gon’ chase him)
Man down, it’s a cold case (Sniper, cold case, bop-bop-bop)