For The Night - Tyga & Dj Drama

Whoopty – Tyga & Dj Drama

Quotable Lyrics: Whoopty – Well Done Fever – Tyga & Dj Drama

(Well Done)
Well Done Fever
Shout out to CJ
You know ni**as couldn’t wait to get busy on this one

Whoopty, peel off the top on the Coup D
Your wife ain’t your b*tch, she my groupie
[?] suck it up, Suzy
Pocket full of that loose leaf
On the jet, don’t be choosy
Need a bad b*tch, not a goofy, get looney
I’m a bad bunny, got Spanish money and chopper running
I know Kevin Hart but ain’t sh*t funny
Business from the start, can’t take it from me
And I know you hate it, I’ma make you love me
And the Patek fitted like it’s made for me
I got bands on me like it’s taped on me
Yеah swish army, got the blade on me
Go crazy homiе…