Where's Dexter - Rich The Kid, Famous Dex, Jay Critch

Where’s DexterRich The Kid, Famous Dex, Jay Critch

Quotable Lyrics:
She wanna hang with Rich Forever
She’s texting her friends like “Where’s Dexter?”
I’m f**king this b*tch, but her ni**a jealous
She look at my wrist, that’s a Richard Millie
Remember them days, was broke, was sleep on the floor,
huh, ain’t doing it no more

Baby got good brain, where is your throat?
I got money, yeah, this sh*t on the floor
Yeah, huh, ooh, rock out at shows,
I’ll do it with my clothes off

I catch me a opp and I’m taking his nose off
She give me good brain, I hope I don’t doze off
Baby, you look good, better with your clothes off

They taking these pictures with me, but, I don’t know y’all
Looking at Rich, bro, you’re a show off
Can’t hang with no goofies, ’cause ni**as be so soft

Aye, I drop a six, then doze off
Don’t kick it with ni**as, I don’t know y’all
F**king all night off a Adderall
Dex dropped 150 on new teeth

The way she suck the d*ck with the technique
Tryna book a show, that’s a Patek Phillipe
I might walk through for 150 at least
Ooh, purple Molly

She gon’ lick it off her body
Tell her, “Bust it open”, let the [?]
Never seen Rihanna, but my wrist Rocky (Hey)