Where you are - PinkPantheress ft. WILLOW

Where you arePinkPantheress ft. WILLOW

Quotable Lyrics:
I suffer in silence, I still don’t know why I guess
I’m built for another (Another)
A flower I’m growing wilted today, I chose it
To leave you tonight, you don’t want it, do you? (Do you, do you, do you)

Oh-oh, oh
I don’t know what to do
I wish that I’d never met you, no oh
(I know this feeling well, I wish I could tell)

This last year I’ve been through
Several feelings that you didn’t once let me choose
(You turned on me)
I now look back when we yelled, it’s reminiscent
I held the hope to find someone else

So please tell mе where you are, arе, are, are, are, are, are
Now my life’s a downward spiral, got my broken heart recy—
Please tell me where you are, are, are, are, are
I’ve lost sight of what to do, don’t spend one day in my shoes, now
Tell me where you are, are, are, are, are (Oh, oh, oh)
You tell me it will be okay, but I know we will never be the same (This feeling)
I know that I could work with maybe’s
Please tell me that you want to meet again