WHERE THE PARTY AT? - Mike Dimes Feat. Duke Deuce

WHERE THE PARTY AT?Mike Dimes Feat. Duke Deuce

Quotable Lyrics:
Spent a cool couple racks to get me icy (Icy)
And I’m like, “Ooh, I see why they wanna fight me”
Baby girl, you was just my h*e, you ain’t my wifey
In my world, I got lotta b*tches wantin’ Mike D (Okay), here we go
I’ma spend a couple hunnid bucks to get Camp Billy up (On gang)
I’m f**kin’ up the industry, ten mill’ without a dealie, bruh

Lately I been sober, I ain’t tryna f**k the vision up (Nah)
So money is the mission, the respect, I did not give a f**k
Like, ooh, “Who this ni**a, bruh?” Huh? Please don’t talk to me
Ben Franklin, call me Michael, you ain’t him, call me properly
Mucho dinero got me eatin’ on steak and broccoli (On gang)
Don’t tell my homie about your music, that sh*t ain’t knockin’, G
Mike Dimes turn a simple party to a anthem
Ransom, ni**as hear my sh*t and put they hands up
Bands up, everything I say gon’ get my bands up
I get it crackin’ off instrumentals in the stand, yeah