Where I Go - NxWorries, Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge feat. H.E.R.

Where I GoNxWorries, Anderson .Paak & Knxwledge feat. H.E.R.

Quotable Lyrics:
She wanna know where I’ve been
And who I seen
She wanna know where I’m goin’
And can we meet? (Oh)

She say I’m so terrible
But this is me (That’s not my fault)
I love her from head to toe
And in between (Girl, I love all of you)

I know we do a lot of back and forth
I know we do a lot of fast and slow
You know I’m gon’ contradict myself
I know you gon’ ride the dick like a pro

I know you got a lot of faith in me
I know you put a lot of things on hold
I hope you got a policy
I know you got a lock on the whole thing

I had to tell you somethin’, tell you somethin’ before I go
I left a lil’ somethin’ special in the envelope
I had to mail you somethin’, tell me when it’s at the door
And when you open it, I hope you get hysterical

I had to share it with somebody that I really trust
So when we celebrate, I’ma hit you up
I had to go and find a runnin’ mate who didn’t rush
I hope you know it was imperative for both of us