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Wheels Fall OffChris Brown

Quotable Lyrics:
Summertime but it feels cold
Sun’s out and it’s shinin’ low
I’m just tryna make it through the day
Ain’t thinkin’ ’bout tomorrow
As I lay me down to sleep
I pray to Lord my soul to keep
‘Cause there’s darkness all around me

Told my brother we gon’ slide (Oh yeah)
We gon’ ride
‘Til the wheels fall off, we gon’ ride
’Til the wheels fall off, we gon’ ride
’Til the wheels fall off, we gon’—

Ride and we gon’ slide (Woo)
Free Wunna and Slime
Fightin’ for our lives
While they get paid up out confinement (Woo)
They don’t like the fact I went from Honda to a ‘Rari (Nah)
Bust down to a plain Jane

Hate the sh*t you can’t change (Skrrt)
Tryna be a winner, but I’ll still be feelin’ lost in it (Woo)
Tryin’ not to sin but that sh*t hard when ni**as crossin’ me (Wow)
Holdin’ back tears tryna write me off (Woo)

B*tch, you don’t know how to love, guess your heartbeat off, yeah
I been goin’ crazy, tryna save me, ain’t no antidote (Woo)
I would say your name but I ain’t sayin’ that shit anymore (Woo)
Drownin’ out the pain is just a feelin’ you won’t ever know
I’m a livin’ legend, I’ma say it ’til it’s time to go
I done put in heavy work

My children won’t ever hurt (Woo)
Ridin’ for my people until heaven make another Earth (Yeah)
Shot my ni**a Bobby five times, I was hella hurt (Ooh, woah)
Caught up in some politics, now we on some wildin’ sh*t
I just wanna see my ni**as on without the candle lit (Yeah)
Most my ni**as learn how to get money but can’t manage it (Ooh)

Couple of my b*tches say the word and I’ma handle it (Woo)
If my heart break, no compensation for the damages
Never thought that I could feel so low
All that sh*t I did for ni**as and they still so cold
And why that b*tch I really love won’t accept my lovin’?
I’m grown and I still don’t know (Oh)