Confidence - Fivio Foreign Feat. A$AP Rocky

What’s My NameFivio Foreign Feat. Queen Naija & Coi Leray

Quotable Lyrics:
Say my name, say my name
If you ain’t running game
Say my name, say my name
Better say
F**k a partition, come ride with the boss in the back seat, uh (huh)
A lot on my mind, I don’t wanna think, she come and relax me, (huh)
Diving at the water, breaststroke
Tell me your thoughts, Peep Show
Now on a mission, don’t stop
Respectfully (come on), so she better (uh)
Say my name What’s my name?
What’s my name? Huh, yeah, look
What’s my name? Say my name
What’s my name?

Yeah, look
I know you in love with me, that’s cool
She say my name and she getting a tattoo
Wе should’ve been here togеther, it’s past due
Now, let’s go have some fun in this backroom
Man, that ex ni**a boring, that’s bad news
She ain’t never come out, he had mad rules
I can buy you Chanel and mad shoes
I can match with Dior and the bags too (uh)
And you can tell me what you like, ha (uh)
And I can take you for the night (yeah)
I could teach you lessons you ain’t never know