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Quotable Lyrics:
What is life without love? What’s life without dreams?
What’s life without goals? Everything ain’t what it seems
What’s life without friends who remain genuine?
Don’t care about the money or what type of crib you in
Who can withstand the test of time? That’s just a guess of mine
Here in real life, homie, this is not a set design
Not on TV screens or the magazine covers
Sitting and observin’ as the travesty flutters
Why we gotta beef? Sh*t, I’d rather be brothеrs
Trips to Tokyo with some Japanese lovеrs
Lost boy in this world full of hatred and greed
See a young ni**a make it what they hating to see
Never complacent, I be on the chase for the cream
Cash rules everything but you facing a king
Let’s step up to this parliament, every f**king bar legit
I know you in denial like an alcoholic father is
Hold up let me pause a bit, nobody is as raw as this
Word to Jesus Christ, I hope nobody ever cross the kid
Damn, yes men of the main Judas