Whatever - Icewear Vezzo ft Key Glock

WhateverIcewear Vezzo ft Key Glock

Quotable Lyrics:
All of my diamonds VS out of Hutch and I’ll spend whatever, hmm
Maybach curtains, got cheddar, these h*es gon’ f**k for whatever, yeah
I was in Gucci and Louis and Prada, b**ch, I’ll do whatever
I hang with shooters on shooters on shooters, so it’s f**k whoever
Whatever, whatever
Whatever, whatever
Whatever, whatever,
whatever, whatever

Trust no b**ch
Ain’t cuffin’ no b**ch, ain’t lovin’ no b**ch
Flood on my wrist
Gun on my hip, gotta hold up my blick
While she suckin’ my d**ck
Bustdown Patek, spent two hundred racks
We cool in the trap, three hundred my kit

Hundred don’t mix
I be on tip, we lit
You ain’t gang, who the f**k are you with
Ice, that’s water
Hit it with the fent’, go harder
Maybach, we ain’t pushin’ no Chargers

I go retarded
Pour up the Wock’ in pops
Love thots, I be f**kin’ on Barbies
Fly like Tha Carter
Put on that s**t, Dior, Prada, ain’t got a department
I be with Marcy

All of the shooters and trappers
And robbers and n**gas with charges
Pull up in Rolls
Open your spot and we close it
Deep dish, the Forgis on Raris

A pole in the party
Brought all my jewelry, lil’ n**ga
Got no big homie, apart
I flex for the ‘Gram
Got it off mud, no scams

Five M’s, yeah, I’m up like I’m Carti
Five bucks for the Cartis
Icy, them buffies is sparky
Pour up, got a cup full of Wocky, n**ga

Icewear Vezzo ft Key Glock