What Would Push Do - Smoke DZA & The Smokers Club

What Would Push DoSmoke DZA & The Smokers Club

Quotable Lyrics:
Kush God b*tch, what the wait like?
Two-hunnid for the Ps with the [?]
I got a couple in the air on a straight flight
Brand new flow and you can get it for the base price

Bring the lab rats, see what it taste like
A1 product, get your cake right
They was ridin’ dirity on the late night
Silly ni**a got pulled over for a brake light

Stand up ni**a, never ran, never fold
Know I’m heavy on a soul

But today we’re selling bass
Bass (Ni**a, what the lick be)
Today we’re selling bass
Bass (Right, ni**a, what the lick be)

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