What Do I Do? - MIKE

What Do I Do?MIKE

Quotable Lyrics:
It’s 10k, you know the vibe
What you saying? Just stayin’ alive
Get complacent, be faded a lot
It be bait, I be takin’ my time

Shit was sacred, you trade it for guap
Been with Jada and Red is inside
Did me lame, but it’s better for size
You could change, it could never surprise me
All this pain of it dead is behind

It was strange, but it never defined me
Overcame, ain’t no regular guy
Think I blame it on reckless environment
I forgave, had to set it aside
Built a wave, I say I inspired it

Ain’t the greatest at taking a lie
I can’t wait in debating the size
Just counting the days ’til retirement
It ain’t paper, I pray it aligned
No amount being paid, we pirated

All that doubt, and I hate to remind
I’m not outlet, I came through the wiring
All that mouthing be aimless and tired
Getting vouched, but ain’t meet the requirements

They kept doubts, and my name in the fire
We can ‘spire, shaking the vibe
In the Heights, baked with AKAI
It be slimy and shade intertwined