Welcome to the States - Benny The Butcher

Welcome to the StatesBenny The Butcher

Quotable Lyrics:
Welcome to the states, where we dyin’ of our skin color and race
Ideologies formed of hate, now the grocery stores ain’t safe
They shoot us unarmed but they took and paintin’ it without a scrape
I guess, great

The life save buttons, never this color face
Discriminate me even rich, but can’t get a loan from a bank
This why everythin’ you see here, I own, I spent the cake
The TRS free but Gunna and Thug’s somewhеre behind the gatе
The chances we take when the penalisin’ ni**as for being great

Why they don’t take us serious with supremacists out shootin’ brothers?
(What it has to do with color? All y’all do is shoot each other)
Well, true, but in the mall, while shoppin’ for shoes, I still do wonder (Damn)
Do this crazy white boy in his trench coat got a Ruger under?
Firearms legal when Republican state’s in, you can’t be mad at it
‘Cause the suits that vote on these laws don’t deal with our challenges