Welcome Back - Joey Bada$$ Feat. Chris Brown & Capella Grey,Brand New 911 - Joey Bada$$ Feat. Westside Gunn

Welcome BackJoey Bada$$ Feat. Chris Brown & Capella Grey

Quotable Lyrics:
Uh, I told her straight up (Straight up)
We could shoot the sh*t for a bit or we can lay up, babe
Act like you ain’t come to get hit, you know I wait up
‘Cause when I’m on shots of the whish you know I stay up (Facts)

I know you miss suckin’ this d*ck, ain’t gotta say much
Pillowcase full of makeup, soon as you break up with a ni**a
Hit me on the wake up (Brr)
Suitcase packed, sneaky links to Jamaica
Hit it from the back, like a ni**a f**kin’ hate ya

Uh, she call me Bada$$ the Backbreakеr
The Heart Taker, thе Bedroom Dominator
Best to don’t leave your girl around me, true playa for real
‘Cause when she hit me ’round three, I’ma slay it for real
She walk in, I cue the Carl Thomas

Turn the lights down, leave on diamonds
The way she ride it, I can tell that pu**y got some mileage
She been at Met Gala, but she never met a gyalis

Welcome back, I knew you would (Badmon)
That’s why you pull up on me
To blow your back out like I should (Like I should, baby)
No, no, nobody knows your body (Yeah, uh, uh, uh)

You know who to call, baby, like I do
Let that wind get in that pocket
Look what you done started (Look, check it out)