We Set The Trends (Remix) - Jim Jones Feat. Migos, Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana & DJ Khaled

We Set The Trends (Remix)Jim Jones Feat. Migos, Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana & DJ Khaled

Quotable Lyrics:
B*tch, I’m a trendsetter, b*tch, I’m a dipsetter
I got the heat with me, I got a temp-setter
I got a sun-setter, yeah, that’s the Beretta
This sh*t a breeze to me, I watch the wind settle
I took a mood sеtter, then I felt too sеttled
I took a re-setter, now I feel too better

These ni**as knew better, these ni**as know better
After the fumes settle, after the smoke settle
I’m still a go-getter, cause I’m a goal-setter
I like her throat wetter, she said my drip wetter
Hold up it get better, I left her cl*t wetter
That b*tch in bed wit’ her, I had to swim set her
B*tch I’m a jet setter, fly with no wind pressure
B*tch I’m a scene-setter, I got the strap on the AK I swing-set ’em
I’m a sight-setter, I was fly before you had a flight set up, I’m trendy

We set the trends, got it out the mud, nigga we had to cleanse
One at their heads, ni**a we at their brims
Ni**as actin’ like b*tches, leave that to them
Bugatti Veyron, harder than iron
I been a dog, you been a hydrant
I raised these ni**as, now gimme my flowers
Daisies ni**a (Tunechi)

We set the trends (Trends)
Bringin’ in ends (Ends)
I’ma have to call my accountant to make sure this sh*t came in (This is the remix)
It’s just me and my gang (Gang)
F**k ni**as, we don’t do friends (F**k)
What he say? He want smoke? (Smoke)
We gon’ spin (Brrt), spin again (Uh, uh, uh)