We Push - RZA

We PushRZA

Quotable Lyrics:
One nation under god
Approached wit a force
That seems invisible

We drink gold nectar and make a miracle
The keeper of the gate of your heart
Is Bobby Digital

Ni**a mortis, y’all stuck wit’ ni**a mortis
It’s like you got walking talkin’ rigor mortis
Headus – corpus
We gotta bigger office
A Sunseeker in the ocean chasin’ swordfish

We study ants and plants
And given grants to kids
And then a chance to live inside a mansion
And make it better so when they go into the meta
They ain’t gotta worry about that food clothes and shelter

Alpha, sigma, delta
Gama, phi, beta
We build our mind and bodies
To make our lives greater
I multiply a particle, molecules, and plasma
So from my simulation, real life is mastered

All that you see is not what you see
There’s more to the story
This sh*t ain’t easy
We push (Push)
We push (Push)

Take it from me
The Shaolin M.C
We get all the money
But we get no sleep
We push (Push)
We push (Push)