WE HERE - Benny The Butcher, ElCamino, Rick Hyde & Heem

WE HEREBenny The Butcher, ElCamino, Rick Hyde & Heem

Quotable Lyrics:
F**k them other ni**as, sh*t, my biggest opp was patience
Another six figures on a table, I can taste it (That money)
Your heart be on your sleeve, b*tch, this Rollie like a bracelet
Everythin’ residual, I’m out here gettin’ placements

Unc’ was in the kitchen with the pots and the Mason (Whip, whip, whip)
My fate was slowly comin’ out the water, like it’s Jason
We don’t need role models, we need innovation
I’m tellin’ you, I feel it in the air, ventilation

Black Soprano Family, the new administration (Biggest BSF)
My maneuverin’ is gracious, you must knew a ni**a face it
I took two to miss some greats, you just do enough to make it
I wrap you in a circle, like you hoggin’ up the blanket (Haha)

I never seen a b*tch I couldn’t fuck or a spaceship
I never seen this kind of money workin’ on a dayshift (That’s facts)
Two-hundred-somethin’-thousand out the mud what I wasted (That’s facts)
My dream was right in front of me, I got up and I chased it
B*tch, it’s Ricky, yo