We Go Up (Remix) - cupcakKe

We Go Up (Remix)cupcakKe

Quotable Lyrics:
We pull up on the opps and them b*tches gon’ hide
like they lace, they ain’t comin’ outside
And we don’t need no Siri, we already knowin’
where these motherf**kers reside
Shoot a ni**a on IG live, yeah, that ni**a
soul goin’ straight to Dubai
And it’s only one reason why
[?] (Baow)

Ni**a done took the bait
I run up on a ni**a like, “What’s the hate?” (Ah)
Tell a ni**a straight to his f**kin’ face
“Your chain look fake, ni**a, is it cake?” (Ah, ah)
That’s some sh*t I wouldn’t take
One good blow, that sh*t’ll break
Kim K walkin’ in Balenciaga