We Go Up - Nicki Minaj Feat. Fivio Foreign

We Go UpNicki Minaj Feat. Fivio Foreign

Quotable Lyrics:
Ayo, this week, ‘Rari (‘Rari), next week, Lambo (Lambo)
B*tch, I’m fly (Fly), I don’t land though (Land though)
This they funeral (Funeral), start the service (Service)
Say my name, make ’em nervous
Uh, you b*tches is salty, I give them pressure (I give them pressure)
Uh, you b*tches is salty, pass me the pepper (Pass me the peppеr)
Uh, you b*tches be jacking me likе the Ripper (Like the Ripper)
Uh, I am a hustler, I can sell water to flipper (Water to flipper)

Uh, I know they teabagging, b*tches is testy
Get you a vacuum, b*tches is messy
Let’s see
After all of that surgery, you are still ugly
And that is what gets me
This sh*t ain’t new to me, sh*t is just new to y’all (sh*t is just new to y’all)
I wish a b*tch would upon a shooting star (Upon a shooting star)
You thought you witnessed my final coup de grâce (Final coup de grâce)
Brrt, look up, we shootin’ stars