Kendrick Lamar's 2023 Best Rap Album Grammy Award! Complete Winner's Lineup Inside. ,We Cry Together - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Taylour Paige,Father Time - Kendrick Lamar ft. Sampha,Mr. Morale - Kendrick Lamar ft. Tanna Leone,Silent Hill - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Kodak Black,Purple Hearts - Kendrick Lamar Feat. Summer Walker & Ghostface Killah

We Cry TogetherKendrick Lamar Feat. Taylour Paige

Quotable Lyrics:
I swear, I’m tired of these emotional-ass, ungrateful-ass b*tches (Shut the f**k up)
Unstable-ass, confrontational-ass dumb b*tches
You wanna bring a ni**a down, even when I’m tryna do right
We could go our separate ways right now, you could move on with your life (I swear to God)
F**k you ni**a, you love a pity party, I won’t show up

Always act like your sh*t don’t stink, motherf**ker, grow up (Man, f**k you)
Forever late for sh*t, won’t buy sh*t, sit around and deny sh*t (Man)
F**k around on a side b*tch, then come fuckin’ up my sh*t
What? F**kin’ up yo’ sh*t? You must be bleedin’ and some more sh*t
B*tch, I don’t know sh*t, f**k yo’ feelings, you on some h*e sh*t

See, I don’t know why you likе playin’ mind games with me (Mind games, man)
B*tch, I ain’t slow nor ditsy, I know whеn you bein’ distant
I know when you fake busy get out yo’ feelings and miss me with that reverse psychology
Man, b*tch, you trippin’, who got you that Rollie chain?
And who put that car in my name?
What you think? I’ma kiss yo’ ass?
Nah, ni**a, you f**kin’ lame

You know what? F**k you, b*tch (F**k you, ni**a)
Nah, f**k you, b*tch (Nah, f**k you, ni**a)
F**k you, b*tch (Nah, f**k you, ni**a)
Nah, f**k you, b*tch (F**k you, ni**a)

F**k you, b*tch (F**k you, ni**a)
F**k you (F**k you), f**k you (F**k you)
F**k you (F**k you)
F**k you, ni**a
F**k you, b*tch (Nah, f**k you)