Wayne's Story - King Von

Wayne’s Story – King Von

Quotable Lyrics: Wayne’s Story – King Von

(DJ on the beat so it’s a banger)
My young ni**a, fourteen (fourteen)
He ridin’ round with the pole on ’em (uh-huh)
See, shorty ’bout that life (yeah)
Ain’t nan ni**a finna go on ’em (nah, nah)
We was on the block shootin’ dice
When some grown ni**as just stole on ’em (damn)

He hopped up with that pole on ’em
He ain’t say nothin’, he just blowed on (boom, boom, boom)
See, shorty ’bout that life (uh-huh)
It was five witnesses, local citizens (damn, damn)
And shorty ain’t think twice (nah)
He just up and did the sh*t like he ain’t give a shit
Bullets hit his top, open ligament (boom, boom)
One to the head, shorty finished him (boom, boom)
The whole city know shorty killin’ shit (damn)
He ain’t go to jail, yeah, shorty lit (damn)