Wawawa - Y2K Feat. bbno$

Wawawa – Y2K Feat. bbno$

Quotable Lyrics: Wawawa – Y2K Feat. bbno$

Got these ladies runnin’, runnin’, runnin’ back
Yeah, lately I been wonderin’ where you at
Yeah, I be actin’ matter of a fact
Of course I put this city on my back, huh, yeah
Cause I’m obsessed with mula-la-la-la, yeah
Mula-la-la-la, yeah, mula-la-la-la
And I’m a baby wa-wa-wa-wa-wa, yeah
Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa, yeah wa-wa-wa-wa-wa

I had a girlfriend for a week
She spent my money, I don’t wanna talk no more
I don’t want a 10k feat
I need twenty, I don’t wanna talk no more
Let me [?]