Quotable Lyrics:
I’m a young ni**a with the wave (We the wave)
These b*tches wanna get slayed (She get slayed)
Pull up in a truck, not a Wraith (Not a Wraith)
I got these bands in my face

No, I cannot talk to that b*tch no more (No More)
At my door, I see Porsches, Aventadors (Aventadors)
She gon’ eat up the d*ck, she a connoisseur (Connoisseur)
I got money, I’m flexing up all year (All year)

I got diamonds, my wrist, and they biting now (Biting)
Somеthing it look like some lightning now (Lightning)
Nevеr had OGs, but I hang with killers

You run up on me, we gon’ hunt you down (Hunt you)
I just be [?] the taxi-man
I’m living life, I’m feeling blazing (Blazing)
I just wake up in the hills, and I say “Life is real amazing” (Ah)

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