Watt We Doingg - A.R. The Mermaid

Watt We DoinggA.R. The Mermaid

“Watt We Doingg” by A.R. The Mermaid is a vibrant and infectious song that captures the essence of carefree enjoyment. A.R. The Mermaid has released several songs, including “Sneaky Link,” “Hard on a Hoe,” “Let A Ho Play,” “Harder & Harder (Remix),” “Watt U Wanna Do,” “Mackaroni (Remix),” and “What We Doing”.

With its upbeat rhythm and A.R. The Mermaid’s playful lyrics, the track encourages listeners to let loose and have a good time. It’s a perfect addition to any party or playlist, bringing a dose of fun and positive vibes to the atmosphere.