Water (Remix) - Tyla, Travis Scott, Marshmello

Water (Remix)Tyla, Travis Scott, Marshmello

The song “Water” by Tyla has been remixed with collaborations from Travis Scott and Marshmello. The remixes were released on November 17, 2023, and have been well-received. Travis Scott’s version is described as having a “wavy flow,” reminiscent of his previous work, while Marshmello’s mix adds a new level of buoyancy.

The original song “Water” has been climbing the Billboard Hot 100 charts and has received a 2024 Grammy nomination for the new best African music performance category.

The track surges with a buoyant rhythm, weaving together catchy hooks and a seamless fusion of hip-hop and electronic elements, leaving listeners immersed in its irresistible flow. Tyla expressed her excitement about the song’s success and her aspirations to be a global pop star.

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